What Is OpenSFV?

OpenSFV is an opensource implementation of a commandline SFV application for both linux and windows(cygwin) to both create and verify .sfv files. It will be ported to other operating systems and include a GUI once a strong base has been finished. Support for MD5/SHA1 checksums will also be implemented.

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Copyright © 2005, Shane Lahey

SHA1 mode implemented September 18th, 2005
I have just finished implementing SHA1 support, please post any bugs/comments via the Tracker.

As of now OpenSFV currently supports SFV / MD5 / SHA1 checksums

OpenSFV v1.03beta Released September 18th, 2005
I have just uploaded the first release of OpenSFV to the CVS Repository and have posted the sources on the Project Page. Currently there is a source release, and a ms-windows release. *PLEASE* report any bugs/feature requests via the Tracker.

Currently the OpenSFV program supports two types of checksum files SFV and MD5, SHA1 support is planned to be added in the very near future.

Here is a small demo of the app in action Logo
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